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Short Stories and Extracts

The following stories are available to download and read from the links below.  

Playing Possum

Geoff lived and worked (for at least some of his misspent youth) in and around Mackay, Queensland.

Playing Possum is a series of short stories chronicling the adventures of Mehitabel, a juvenile possum rescued by Geoff during his time working the cane harvest in the Marian district, west of Mackay.

In the Olden Days – when I was twelve

Written at the request of my grandson, Norman, who turned 12 during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As part of his lockdown learning, Norman was tasked with completing a project about what life was like for one of his grandparents at his age.

Prospector and other West Coast Stories

Rollicking stories about the times and tribulations of Dan Brody, the last professional prospector contractor of Tasmania’s wild West. When old Dan told teenage Geoff the tales of his adventures, they were entertaining yarns; not to be believed. Years after Dan has gone, Geoff finds evidences that Dan’s narratives were incredibly accurate and he is compelled to investigate the remaining clues. Includes a bonus pack of extra western historical accounts gleaned from old timers he knew. Now being published and available early in 2022.

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